The Not So Beautiful Game

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The Not So Beautiful Game: English Football's Fortunes Fade In Global Downturn - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Another issue with the World Cup is the migrant workers and the treatment of those workers. They have been forced to stay within the country, working for poor wages.

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Most workers have been outright denied any of their documents, leaving them trapped. With former FIFA president Sepp Blatter now gone, the bidding process can be re-evaluated and Qatar might have its World Cup stripped, which would most likely be a good thing for soccer, and more importantly, the migrant workers in Qatar.

There has been talk of having the World Cup in the U. There are many reasons as to why the Americans should get to host the World Cup. First, it would allow them to grow the game even more in the American market and be a massive boost to their domestic league, the MLS. The U.

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They hosted the World Cup and set records in attendance. Those records have since been broken, but it proved that the U. Brand: NCDV.

National Centre for Domestic Violence ‘The Not-So-Beautiful Game’ / J. Walter Thompson

Advertiser: NCDV. Photographer: Neil Raja. Designers: Rob Joyner and Yoshi Okubo. Brand Strategist: Kwabena Agyeman-Mensah. Social Media: James Treen.

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Account Director: Sally Emerton. Executive Creative Director: Lucas Peon.

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Creative Director: Jo Wallace. Producer: Joseph Bassary. Walter Thompson seems to have stumbled in its most recent video for NCVD called The Not-So-Beautiful Game, relying solely on gross graphical content rather than creating talking points.

It has received both praise and criticism. The video follows a report that domestic violence increases following World Cup soccer games, often fuelled by alcohol.

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Perhaps the biggest fault of these visual anecdotes is that they focus completely on victims. Consumer studies today consistently show that short of catering to confirmation bias, such as branding, the most effective messages make people challenge how they feel about what they are looking at. They do nothing to reach the perpetrators.