The Hand That First Held Mine

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Both Elina and her partner, Ted, are forced to reconstruct what happened by filling out the gaps in what they remember — it is, presumably, no accident that Ted earns a living as a film editor, whose job it is to mould a story in the way a director wants it to be told. At several points, the narrator steps back from the action, observing the characters from afar.

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In the hands of a lesser writer, this technique would be jarring but O'Farrell possesses such a lyrical touch that the passages work with seamless clarity. The two storylines are connected but, at first, it is not clear how.

Brice Long The Hand That First Held Mine

As readers, our journey of discovery echoes that of the characters. Ted, prone to mental blackouts since childhood, begins to realise there are things he must remember about his past. We, too, are conscious that there are gaps in our knowledge. Gradually, the shadows shift and the links between Lexie, Innes, Ted and Elina emerge bit by bit.

O'Farrell weaves the plots together with ease but also manages to ratchet up the tension.

And yet the pace of the book is never achieved at the cost of its poetry: O'Farrell writes with acute perception, paying attention to the smallest details, those everyday moments that imperceptibly heighten an experience. When Ted recalls eating chocolate buttons, he remembers "the feel … against his tongue, their domed tops, their latticed bases, which melt into smoothness as he sucks.

O'Farrell has a remarkable ability to convey the texture of human emotion with precision. Topics Fiction The Observer.

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Maggie O'Farrell reviews. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. There is nothing more intriguing and beautiful that people's stories.. However, I feel the book has too much sadness Even though it tries to offer an open and positive ending I find reviewing anything difficult because I would hate to spoil it.

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It suffices to say that Maggie O'Farrell writes with such competency that it is almost impossible not to feel Soho on whizz-bang 's evening or north London in the hot and tiring present. What stuck me most was how much this book truly defines the term "page turner" as I was halfway through before I knew it!

Review: The Hand That First Held Mine, Maggie O’Farrell

A fantastic read, well worth the money. Can't wait to read more of Maggie's work. A truly beautiful read. I read this book on a weekend break and couldn't put it down. I cried at the end and it was one of those books that you just did not want to finish.

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Maggie O Farrell at her very best!!. Customer Reviews See All. This Must Be the Place. After You'd Gone. The Distance Between Us. My Lover's Lover.