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The prolific singer has been a goliath in the Indian and international music industry for decades. So what drives him to stay so committed to success, 42 years and countless awards later? Think Live Work Play. Video Slideshow Audio Twinterview. Sonu Nigam India Shining.

Hitting the Right Note

Email Address. Thank you for your comment, we value your opinion and the time you took to write to us! What happens if a person buries such needs under the fear of disappointing others, or under the expectations of society or family? Then the creative instinct may find unhealthy ways to express itself.

How do hit the right notes when singing?

Creative energy turned inward and suppressed can manifest, for example, as depression. In the act of making art, such individuals can find new meaning and purpose. Through the creation of a visual image, a poem, a piece of music, they can reconnect with their authentic selves, who they sense they truly are.

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The experience of making art can counteract the impact of depression, and serve as an antidote to a loss of self. Such children are often perceived as failures, initially by the adults in their lives, and then, tragically, by themselves, in an educational system which does not recognize, value, and encourage the cultivation of their G-d-given gifts.

Feeling frowned upon, they behave accordingly.

hit/strike the right/wrong ˈnote

When that downhill curve begins, there are tragic repercussions, for them and for all of us. Log in.

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Could I translate the idiom to hit the right note with colpire nel segno or centrare l'argomento? There's an equivalent Italian idiom? Thank you.

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